Giving Back in this Coronavirus Crisis

Free lunch for the “front-line” workers, the Coronavirus crisis heroes.

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Serdar Dede

That’s how the owners of Cafe 422 in Ohio’s Mahoning Valley are doing their part to help out during these uncertain times. Even when there’s no telling how any eating establishment is going to fare when the crisis is over; even when Cafe 422 has to make the same switch as all the other eateries to carry-out only, they feel the cost of offering the free meals is nothing compared to how others are sacrificing. “They’re the ones spending less time with their families,” owner Serdar Dede says, referring to workers including nurses, doctors, police, firefighters, EMT’s, hospital workers to name a few. “They’re the ones doing what they can to save our families and our friends.”

Tamoica Daniels

“We want them to know we appreciate them,” head chef, Tamoica Daniels, stresses. She expresses how proud she is of her boss for doing this, “I think it’s beautiful.”

Dede explains he never expected so many phone calls and emails thanking them. He even gets a little choked up talking about it.

Cafe 422 has been in operation in the area since 1939. Dede and his brother took ownership of the original Niles location about fifteen years ago, keeping with the traditions of the founders.

They opened the Boardman location eight years ago.

“It’s all about staying positive.”


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That’s the primary message Dede wants to get across. In fact, even doing a fraction of his normal business, he remains optimistic, when this crisis is behind us, Cafe 422, as well as all the other locally owned restaurants in the valley will persevere. “If you do the right thing, it’ll come back to you.”

The Details…

Free lunch to “front-line” workers

Cafe 422, Niles and Boardman locations

12pm-2pm thru April 3, 2020

(the date could change)

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