Forever and For All to See


You think it would never happen to you.

Until it does. You can’t imagine the torment. Until it’s your own.

Do you ever have that urge to share something with the world—something you see, hear, think, or even feel? Of course you do. Anyone who uses social media does. A great way to connect, right?

But beware: It can turn your life upside down, too—in a minute. All it takes is a Tweet or share gone wrong, an impulsive post, an unfortunate picture, a misinterpreted email or text—just one poor choice—to set scandal into motion.



Award-winning news anchor, Catherine Bosley knows all about it. Her own story of online scandal got her invited to appear on shows like Good Morning America, Oprah and Inside Edition. It’s the motivation for the cautionary, yet inspirational, Forever and For All to See: How to Avoid Social Media Scandal and How to Survive One. While she’s a perfect example of how such a nightmare can happen to anyone, she’s also living proof it is survivable. The insight she shares includes actionable steps on how to better protect yourself, your loved ones, even your business from today’s new brand of scandal—humiliation social media style. More importantly, she provides guidance on how to rise above if it happens to you. Plus, she shares tips on how to make sure your “forever and for all to see” shines with all that’s great about you.


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