Montage: Corporate

Listening to Catherine's speech ... I want to be braver. I want to be smarter about my decisions.

Montage: College

I thought it was really informative and something we all need to hear again now that we're in college ... we just need that extra voice.

Montage: High School / Junior High School

I think it hits students square in the face with what they're dealing with today. As many kids as possible, around the country and around the world, need to hear this message.


Litsa Varonis
Media Specialist,
Hiram College

She's extremely engaging. The presentation was very interactive. Everyone's eyes were absolutely glued on her and I think if people remember anything from the conference, this will be one of those things they remember, definitely.

Beth Beers
Corporate Executive,
Nordson Corporation

The topic was pertinent, it was serious, but she brought a great amount of levity to it. She spoke for about an hour and every eye was on her. I'm so glad she was here. It was really an important topic and I hope the whole world hear it.

Warren Anderson
Anderson-Dubose Company

Catherine did a wonderful job because she was natural and well meaning... what she said you felt and you can't do any better than that.

John DiJulius
DiJulius Group & John Roberts Salons, Author

All three of my companies have used Catherine Bosley as a speaker, as a motivational speaker and as an emcee and Catherine is amazing. She's inspiring, she works hard, she keeps the audience engaged, leaves them motivated and she just has an incredible story to tell. I highly recommend Catherine Bosley for your next event.

Connie Bowler RN, DPN
Commencement Ceremony Organizer

Catherine's speech was fabulous, she spoke from her heart. She intertwined her personal story and was motivational with our students and really challenged them to be their best in life.

Peter Orr

Catherine's speech, as expected was exquisitely delivered...emotional, captivating, captivated the audience to the core.

College/High Schools

Judd Rubin
Junior High School Principal

It was a very valuable message. It was real. The students are involved in a lot of the things she talked about and I could see in their faces that they were really listening and taking it to heart.

Tom Steger
High School Teacher

It was tremendous. It was real. It was very timely and things our kids needed to hear. She had them in the palm of her hand for 40 minutes, and it could've gone on for longer because she had real true-life stories, things that are affecting them on a day to day basis with their social media use and things that are going to affect them into the future. It was message they probably heard before but, maybe didn't apply any consequences to until they heard that speech. I think it's going to make a big difference in a lot of those kids' lives.

Rachael Rankin
Assistant High School Principal

I thought Catherine's presentation was amazing especially in our 21st century with our technology. Students don't always think before they hit send or take that picture and I thought it was a great lesson to keep in mind as they move forward that their digital mark does not leave.

Lisa Martino-Raffa
High School Teacher,
Event organizer

I must say that in Catherine's speech to my students, I felt a connection, I felt it was relevant. There were so many teachable moments. I felt like anyone who listened to that speech today...I saw passion.

Darla Moore
High School Mother's Club

I thought she did an absolutely beautiful job ... kids and adults can be bullied, so her story resonated with me.

Lavette Hennigan
City Council Clerk

Bravery does a lot of things, one of the things it does is it encourages other people to be brave, so I believe Catherine's presentation showed the young women, the school aged women in the room that they can be brave by not doing what everyone else is doing with cameras and social media and bullying those type things. I thought her speech was brave.

High School Student

Always, in the back of my mind, I knew social media was not private. But now, I can take into consideration how I need to protect myself and protect others.

Janet Holkovic
High School Mother's Club

You can tell she was speaking from her heart and she really did suffer ... you can see her positive message.

Connie Bowler,

Catherine's speech was fabulous! She spoke from her heart...and was motivational with our students, really challenged them to be their best in life.

Peter Orr

Catherine's speech, as expected was exquisitely delivered...emotional, captivating, captivated the audience to the core.

Mafe Slusher
Nursing Student

It was really good....how she talked about her personal journey, made it more relatable...


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