Kids and Kindness. “Chalking” Others Through it.

A walk in the park turns into a dance through kindness.

Click to watch the whole story here. So cute to hear how they explain it!

“It’s just that people are in such hard times right now, and it’s just to make people happy,” 12-year-old Andrew explains with such sincerity. With his little sister, 10-year-old Alyssa, the two St. Charles School kids take to the pavement on their own kindness mission.

On their hands and knees, up and down the Millcreek Park Hike/Bike trail, they’re “chalking it up” with any and every word or saying they can think of to inspire others. The idea is to bring a little light to this otherwise dark time of dealing with Coronavirus.



Alyssa’s eyes gleam with satisfaction. “I’ve been writing things like love God, because He loves you,” she says, adding it makes her feel great, too. “When people walk out here and see the great messages we write, it really makes them happy.”

Watch the whole story, click here

Perfect timing!

On Sunday, the park was packed with people. Nice weather and who isn’t eager to just get out of the house, catch a break from the bleak, and take in some fresh air? It’s a great to way to keep that social distancing, while still getting to at least spend some time with others. Stephanie Giuricio, says the kids’ messages makes the escape that much enjoyable, “I think they’re super cute, it’s awesome…inspirational.”  Other park-goers agree, smiling as they pass by one message after the other, on a surprisingly spirit-lifting trek. “They should do it more often,” Scott says, “makes me a happy camper.” Mom, Sarah Babyak, out for a stroll with her own kids, even stops to take a picture of the artwork, “I think if we could focus on that a little each day, then we’d all be much better for it.”  

While the week’s rain might wash the chalk away, it seems the kids’ inspiration is here to stay.

Click here to hear the kids explain it themselves.

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