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What Catherine has to say leaves her audiences wanting to hear more! Her unique insight, perspective and her caring way has an impact on everyone who has a chance to listen. It’s her passion to caution, guide and lift up her audience.


High-energy. High-content. Interactive. Engaging. Unforgettable.

From corporate and community leaders to young professionals, teachers and students, Catherine’s keynote presentation topics and style leave a lasting impression. She arms audiences with precious new information to secure success on both the professional and personal level.

A long-time, award-winning TV news anchor, Catherine is known for her relatability, authenticity and versatility. Her captivating presentations draw on her own remarkable life journey, including invites to appear on shows like Good Morning America, Inside Edition and Oprah.

With unique insight, Catherine’s programs empower others with new perspective, technique and tools to take on some of today’s most pressing professional and personal challenges with renewed confidence. From her keynote speeches and break-out sessions chock-full of insight and inspiration, to her workshops and individual  presentation skills coaching, her guidance proves to be a “game-changer” on several levels.

Some Invaluable Information You Can Expect From Catherine’s Keynotes:

  • A detailed account of Catherine’s life-changing and unforgettable story that made news around the world
  • An increased awareness of how vulnerable your online/social media image really is
  • Actionable steps to ensure your online/social media image is the best it can be
  • Actionable steps to better protect yourself/business from online/social media scandal, humiliation & harassment
  • How to rise above any online/social media issue, including tips from the renowned online reputation management firm Catherine partners with
  • How to reframe tough times into life’s most valuable moments
  • Basic & advanced on-camera presentation skills to excel in today’s world of video everything—from online meetings and social media marketing videos to TV news interviews and performance

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Catherine's Speaking Topics


PERFECT FOR: Corporate, Association, Leadership, Empowerment, Conference events. Versions also available for College & High School Programs.

FORMAT OPTIONS: Keynote, Break-Out Sessions, Group Consulting, One-On-One Coaching

NOTE: Live In-Person and Virtual options available

High-energy. High-content. Interactive. Thought-provoking. Features the growing importance of online/social media reputation management on both the professional and personal levels. Catherine digs deep to inform, caution and inspire. A serious topic, but presented with plenty of levity and engaging moments.

You’ll hear Catherine’s own life-changing story of online humiliation—global humiliation—that got her invited to appear on shows like Good Morning America, Oprah and Inside Edition. Why such interest? It’s simple, her story is brimming with essential messages anyone who spends any time online or social media needs to hear. All it takes is one misinterpreted social media post, an unfortunate picture making the rounds, a text or email gone wrong to turn someone’s business, professional or personal life upside down.

No business, organization or individual is immune in this ever-evolving day of digital everything. As a long-time, award-winning TV anchor, Catherine is proof of that. She gives her audiences new know-how tools and actionable steps on how to protect that online/social media image. Reputation management has never been so crucial.

Catherine is also living proof online disaster, humiliation, scandal—all of it—is survivable. As much as her presentation is cautionary, it’s also inspirational. Her comeback journey will leave you with a new perspective on the value of fighting back. More importantly, teaming up with the world’s top online reputation management company, she offers direction on exactly how to turn your own story of tumult to one of triumph.


PERFECT FOR: Conferences, Corporate, Leadership, Empowerment, Church, Education, Charities.

FORMAT OPTIONS: Keynote, Break-Out Sessions, Group Consulting, One-On-One Coaching

NOTE: Live In-Person and Virtual options available

Moving. Thought-provoking. Inspiring. Empowering. The goal is to instill renewed hope, motivation, and confidence. It features the importance of defining your self-identity through finding the value in all of life’s experiences, good and bad, triumphant and tragic, and making them count. Too often we dwell on our mistakes and our hardships focusing exclusively on the negatives attached to those situations. With that, it’s all too common to beat ourselves up with remorse, regret, guilt and grief. This program sheds new perspective on the merit of those tough times, and the value in our mistakes to take us to an even better place in our lives and within ourselves. It provides guidance on finding that inner strength you might otherwise have never recognized.

This program is highly interactive using a number of group and individual activities. It’s cautionary in highlighting the risks of giving too much power to the wrong aspects of life. It’s empowering in demonstrating how to reframe those experiences to make them count for something good—for yourself, as well as for others. This program is great for teambuilding as well.


PERFECT FOR: Online Meeting/Conference Participation, Social Media, Video Production, Team Leadership, Speaking, TV Work, Education

FORMAT OPTIONS: Keynote, Group Workshops, Online Programs, One-On-One Training

NOTE: Live In-Person OR Virtual options available

Comprehensive. Confidence-building. Enlightening. Empowering. Catherine puts her many years of work in front of the camera and on stage to work for you. Her experience leaves her with tons of hacks and tips to bring your performance/communication skills to the next level. The goal is to develop and polish performance skill sets needed to be the most clear, effective and engaging presenter or performer you can be, whether it’s on-camera (from TV news to corporate online meetings like Zoom, Skype, Teams, Google Meets, etc.), on a stage, or simply in the company conference room. The program digs into everything from basic visual, vocal and interactive technique, to learning and mastering the details that can make you stand out and be more confident when it’s your turn to shine. The hands-on, exercise-driven training can take place in-person, one-on-one or with small groups, as well as through online video meeting platforms.

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