About Catherine

The Many Sides of Catherine ... and More!

Catherine’s unique life journey and experience leave her with insight
and expertise to empower her audiences and clients on a variety of levels.

Catherine Bosley


An award-winning TV anchor, speaker, author, coach/consultant, and finally a business owner—Catherine Bosley never stops. She’s passionate about putting her talents and experience, personal and professional, to work for others. Whether it’s taking the stage with a keynote speech at a major conference, showing her vulnerable side with a TEDx Talk, or training others in on-camera skills either as a team or one-on-one, Catherine Bosley knows how to make an impact—how to make a difference.

On a more personal side, while Catherine’s TV career called for her to move from city to city for years, she’s now back living in her native northeast Ohio, the Cleveland area, more specifically. She loves the Buckeye state and is a Kent State University graduate. Catherine values faith, family and friends above all. She and her husband Rick married in 2002. While they’re both business owners, they also make time to travel, enjoy friends and family, follow Cleveland all sports teams, and are car enthusiasts, especially when it comes to vintage sports cars. They met while running in a nearby park. Running is Catherine’s favorite past time, or escape, as she calls it—finishing 13 marathons!

Most of Catherine’s family lives in the Cleveland area, including her mom. She’s also very close to her brother, Jack, and is super proud of “the best stepdaughters ever,” Jen and Laura.   

Her Mission, Her Passion.

Catherine’s mission is to enlighten others how to shine and rise above in both their personal and professional lives. From her own journey, through very rough, as well as some wonderfully rich experiences, Catherine finds herself with unique and valuable insight to offer the world. There’s nothing she’s more passionate about than helping others realize their own amazing potential, how to embrace it and how to protect it in these often-challenging times. That includes anyone from an audience member or a coaching client, to company or organization leadership.


Make It Count

It’s a theme Catherine lives by and inspires others to do the same. Like most people, she knows victory and defeat, elation and heart ache, but more importantly she has a unique talent to make every experience in life, the bad times as much as the good times, count for something in this world. “We all have a story that counts for something, not just for ourselves, but to be shared to help others rise above and excel.” After working as a TV news anchor and reporter in several cities, most recently in her native Cleveland, Ohio, where you’ll still see her on air as a freelance anchor, Catherine has some incredible experiences under her belt. She’s always considered it a privilege and precious responsibility to share other peoples’ life changing and eye-opening stories. That’s when she learned the value so many of our experiences potentially hold for each other and how to recognize the “ah ha” moments in life. Then, when her life took an unexpected turn that garnered her invites to appear on shows like Good Morning America, Oprah and Inside Edition, she realized she had a story of her own that is chock-full of value to so many. A prime opportunity to make it count.

There’s also that extensive speaking and on-camera experience Catherine makes count on a very different level—coaching others. Working just about every role in a TV news room, mostly as an anchor and reporter with ratings that reflect her admired relatability, and awards that leave her humbled, she so enjoys sharing her on-camera know-how. Catherine puts her skills, her secret hacks, and her 30 plus years of experience to work with fantastic results for people from those working in the news business that she laughingly calls part of her DNA, to anyone else who finds themselves in front of the camera. That includes social media, commercials, industrial videos, and even online meetings and presentations.

And there’s the speaking coach side of Catherine. From Catherine’s standing ovation TEDx Talk on the global level, to her speeches at conferences, corporate events, colleges and high schools, Catherine knows how to stand out on the stage, from writing a speech, to designing the perfect slide presentation for it, to knowing where and how to walk, stand, sit, look, inflect, pause, etc. She has a wealth of knowledge whether it’s speaking live in-person or on a virtual platform, she’s delighted to make it count one client at a time, one on-stage success story at a time.

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