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Corporate, Conference, and Emcee Videos

Corporate/Conference Keynote

Catherine speaks at a credit union annual convention. Get a peek at her presentation, from the fun and engaging side to the substantive content that's said to be a "game-changer." Hear what audience members have to say from all levels of the company.

Corporate/Conference Keynote

Catherine keynotes at an HR conference. Her presentation, "Forever and For All to See," resonates with the professional world, especially those who have the responsibility of maintaining their company's online image. They already want her to return!

Corporate/Conference Keynote

High energy. High content, Interactive. Excerpts from "Forever and For All to See: Our Digital Reality" to a large medical office staff. Plenty of actionable takeaways. A serious topic with room for a few laughs too.

TEDx Talk: Exposed Now More Than Ever

In this day of digital everything…every single choice we make has unprecedented power to determine the trajectory of our lives…we are being exposed in a way we never imagined and you know it’s only going to get worse.

TEDx Talk: Making Better Choices

We need to start making more vigilant choices to bring an end to this epidemic and that starts with understanding how little room there is for "what was I thinking" moment before it could become attached to you for all to see, forever one mouse click away. Kind of like a modern day scarlet letter.

TEDx Talk: A Lesson in Surviving Humiliation

Television anchor and reporter, Catherine Bosley, shares her life-changing, headline making story of surviving cyber-shaming. Her life was turned upside when she went “viral” in the worst way. With her remarkable comeback, she enlightens her audience on how to avoid such a nightmare in this day of digital everything, but more importantly, on how to rise above such torment.

Employee Club Meeting Keynote

Digital Danger #2: Pictures and Posts We Control. This is important, especially when there's so much we CAN'T control. Take inventory of every picture or post you ALLOW yourself to be part of so that it doesn't say the wrong thing about you, that can come back to haunt you down the road.

Hopes and Dreams

Natural...what she said, you felt, and it doesn't get much better than that." That's a description of Catherine as an emcee, or when speaking at the conference level. She always immerses herself in the mission of the event.

Emcee and Event Production

A sample of emcee skills in an annual fundraising gala for a children's charity called BELIEVE IN DREAMS. Catherine also helps plan/produce this event. She has a track record of helping charitable organizations go beyond their fundraising goals with events like this. In addition, she writes, produces, and fronts videos promoting/explaining the organization's mission.

College Videos

A "What was I thinking" moment

One of the most memorable moments of Catherine's "Digital EVERYTHING: Forever and For All to See" program.

Social media/Online image is everything!

Setting the theme for "Digital Everything: Forever and For All to See." When it used to be "image is everything," now, it's also, and maybe more so, "cyber-image is everything." That calls for a new level of "mindfulness" in every decision we make, online and off.

Here’s How Easily It Can Happen to You

All it takes is one wrong moment in public to be captured by someone else's cell phone/camera to end up someone else's "social media gold" moment. An important reminder to always be mindful about your actions in the real world and and how they might be misinterpreted in the digital world.

Short Excerpt Montage - The University of Akron

Catherine's goal is to help college students understand the importance of making better choices online and off, in this day when every choice we make has more power than ever to determine the trajectory of our lives. Serious message, presented with some levity & loads of interaction.

School Videos

Students are Rock Stars!

Catherine begins every presentation with a burst of energy, building a close relationship with her audience. High school and junior high students are engaged immediately.

Happy Healthy Selfie

Catherine explores the importance of making sure you take "inventory" of every picture and/or post you ALLOW yourself to be part of...especially selfies

Surviving Online Harassment

Catherine shares with high school students what it's like to see strangers taunting you online. Her case was so shocking, it got her invites to national TV shows like Good Morning America. At one point she felt suicide was her only escape, but today she's living proof online/social media cruelty IS SURVIVABLE.

The Privacy MYTH

Too often we believe "security" settings on social media will keep our pictures and posts confined to our "circle" of friends. The reality is there is no such thing as privacy online, or with anything "digital." Screen shots make for a perfect example of how easily privacy can be breached.

Sample Clips of "Forever & For All to See" at The High School Level

A 45-minute interactive presentation. Includes the "Forever and For All to See" game. Catherine finds a way to interject levity and fun while sharing her personal story of global humiliation, examples of pictures and posts to avoid and guidance/inspiration on how to rise above in this day of digital everything.

I Don’t Want Online/Social Media Disaster to Happen to Any of You

I don't want it to happen to you, or you, or you...or anyone here." It's why Catherine is on this mission to raise awareness about the devastation of online/social media disaster. She explains actionable steps you can take to protect yourself and others.

Other Highlights

How I Can Help You!

HOW I CAN HELP YOU! When it comes to cyberbullying or cybershaming, no one is immune. Check out how I can help you avoid falling victim, rise above if you do suffer such humiliation, and protect your social media image, altogether.

Talking about Revenge Porn with Bill Wills on WTAM Radio

Catherine often appears in the media sharing her message regarding how to better navigate our day of "digital everything." In her appearance on Cleveland's WTAM, 1100 AM Wills and Snyder in the Morning, she talks about the dangers that exist online as far as what others can do with your image without you even knowing. Revenge porn is the perfect example and growing problem.

Eye-opening Chat with a Security Expert on How Often We're On Camera

Security expert, Tim Dimoff, points out some eye opening realities about how many cameras are on us in day to day life as we walk downtown Akron, Ohio.

My TV Work

This is my TV demo reel. You'll find a variety of clips from my anchoring and reporting work as I continue to “dabble” in the business. It's been a tremendous part of my life and, plays quite the role in my determination to make a difference in our world.

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