Who Catherine Has Worked With

Komen Ohio
American Heart Association
Mother's Club
Stop Bullying
Jeanie Cisco Meth
Mother's Club
Ted X
DotCom Global Media
Youngstown State University Dept. Of Communication

Working With Catherine

Her versatility makes it easy! She will design a presentation of her expertise to meet your goals, whether it's in the form of a keynote speech, a corporate get-together, or personal coaching.


Captivating her Audience

"I didn't want her speech to end," is how one audience member puts it. Catherine's award-winning storytelling background as a TV anchor is on full display as a keynote speaker. Her passion to reach others with her unique insight, makes for a powerful presentation.

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Group Consulting

Taking it Step-by-Step

With any size or type of group, Catherine inspires interactive, energetic sessions to convey her insightful, eye-opening messages. Each session is customized to your objectives.

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Personal Coaching

Getting Personal

In smaller group meetings or one-on-one, Catherine explores with you, on a more personal level, how to put her know-how to work for you. Everyone's needs are different and she'll work with you in a way that best suits yours.

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Television News

Coaching & Consulting

With thirty years experience, and counting, Catherine puts her know-how and motivational nature to work for you. Whether you're a news director seeking fresh, objective input and guidance for your staff, or an anchor or reporter looking to "up your game," Catherine looks forward to helping you take it to the next level.

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Helping people live better lives.

Catherine prides herself on being a hometown, Ohio girl, where her loved ones matter most, and yes, so do those little things, like her cats, running and sports!

She has years of success in television news, following her heart to tell other people's stories, guided by her vision to always make those stories count. Whether they're about celebration and victory, or loss and despair, to her, everyone's journey has a valuable message for the world. That includes her own!

From media appearances and keynote speaking, to personal consulting, Catherine works passionately driving home her messages regarding everything from the importance of protecting your social media image, advice on how to stay clear of the hurt and consequences of any kind of cyber harassment, including bullying, to finding the inner strength to rise above it.

Digital Dangers and Surviving Cyber-Humiliation



Catherine's impact, from those who know...
"Catherine's story was authentic and enlightening. You may think this would never happen to me, but in the digital age we live, we can absolutely become a victim of cyberbullying or humiliation. Catherine shares her knowledge on how to protect ourselves and the steps to take if we find ourselves in a cyberbullying situation. Catherine is engaging and a pleasure to hear speak. I would recommend her for young adults and adults alike."

Darla Moore

Walsh Jesuit H.S., Mother's Club, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio
"Her natural delivery and her incredibly relaxed and likable personality helped to push the cause forward. I would encourage others to consider Catherine for their event ... she is a pleasure to work with!"

Meryl Closs

Former Communications Director, American Heart Association
"She is warm, open, welcoming, inclusive and always has time to speak with our guests ... Thank you for being a "ray of sunshine" at our events and for your generosity with our organization and our participants."

Sean Shacklett, MPA

Executive Director, Susan G. Komen Northeast Ohio
"I thank you for doing an awesome job. You captured the audience's attention as well as my attention from the moment you were introduced until the end of the program. You did such a great job in providing hope to others. I am so very proud of you and I am even more prouder to say I know you."

Jeanette Willis

President Health Awareness Network Connection, Lorain Ohio
Business and Corporations

Business and Corporations

An Opportunity to Protect

Are you aware how common cyber-harassment/bullying is in the workplace? Here's a proactive approach against the dangers. Catherine can help you protect your workers and your company.

Students and Educators

Students and Educators

What you need to know!

Calling all students, that means college kids, too! And educators! Learn how to make better decisions to protect your social media image as well as and how to avoid and rise above bullying/shaming.

Faith Family and Women's Groups

Family, Faith and Women's Groups

A heads-up

Do you realize you might put yourself in danger of cyber-humiliation, AKA, shaming/bullying everyday? Catherine provides precious cautionary information you need to know, as well as guidance in overcoming such torment.

Book Coming Soon...

The Bare Facts: One Anchorwoman's Fight to Survive Public Shaming & Protect Privacy Rights

Public shaming and privacy violations abound like never before in our Internet society. Whether by choice or not, our lives are increasingly public and subject to judgment, condemnation, threat, and sometimes far worse. With that, there is always a next story of cyber-bullying or Internet exploitation.

The Bare Facts, Catherine Bosley's memoir, offers a deeply personal and in-depth look into the life of a news anchor who found herself unexpectedly caught in that kind of cyber-driven tsunami. It's best described as a cautionary, yet inspirational tale, taking the reader through the kind of twists and turns you'd only expect to find in fiction, but it's an all too real representation of what can happen when your worst moment is caught on camera and the relentless posts, shares, tweets, retweets and forwards send your life into a downward spiral. But, just as important is the inspirational reality to be found in the amazing comeback side of this tale.

In Catherine's determination to rise above, her shame and despair evolve into heartwarming redemption and victory.

Catherine's Speaking Topics

Catherine's unique insight, perspective and her caring way has an impact on everyone who has a chance to listen. It's her passion to caution, guide and lift up her audience.

Digital Dangers

They're all around us and can be activated with every Internet/social media post we make, as well as posts others make about us. It can turn a life upside down. Catherine shares and uses her own own story to raise awareness of how important it is to protect yourself, those you love, even your business and provide guidance on how to do so.

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Surviving Cyber-Harassment

No one thinks cyberbullying or cyber shaming will happen to them, but when it does, it can be devastating. After surviving it on a global level, Catherine shares details of her story from the pain and hopelessness, to what in retrospect, turned out to be the plan she came up with out desperation to survive. After reflecting on it and refining it, she showcases it as a sure means of helping others successfully find their way out of the torment and rise above as well.

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Finding & Using Your Inner Strength

Anyone who finds themselves a victim of harassment, abuse or wrongdoing of any sort needs to know how to stand up for themselves, but too often they can barely see through the pain to do so. Catherine tells her story from defeat to victory, offering hope and inspiration like no other. But what she has to say can be applied to a wide variety of challenges life throws at us. Her message includes insight on how to engage the inner strength we all possess, but aren't always aware of in the toughest times. More than liberating, as was the case with Catherine, it can be life-saving.

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