My Biography

As a Professional

Catherine Bosley is an award-winning, veteran journalist which includes thirty years of public speaking experience. She's especially excited to add a Tedx speech to her portfolio.

Her many years of work as an anchor and reporter earned her prestigious honors such as Associated Press Awards and Emmy Award nominations.

She's known for her "down-to-earth" style and versatility. While her specialty and passion in reporting has always focused on health and medical issues, much of Catherine's career has also been spent covering breaking news of all sorts, from crime to politics.

After graduating, Cum Laude, from Kent State University with a BA in Fine and Professional Arts, her career took her to many cities, ranging in size from smaller markets in upstate New York, to one of the country's larger television markets, Cleveland, Ohio.

While she continues her work in television news as a freelancer, and instructs at the university level, Catherine's priority is her own company, CJB Productions, LLC, working as a speaker, group consultant and personal coach.

On a More Personal Note

Faith and Family First

I thank God everyday! I thank Him for not giving me everything I want, whenever I want it, or however I want it. I'll admit though, I didn't always feel that way, it takes time to understand the value of working hard to earn the reward and knowing how to persevere your way through struggle.

My parents taught me all about that way of living, learning, and character building. My mom and dad, Ron and Alice, raised me and my younger brother, Jack, in little Ashtabula County, Ohio. As far as Jack and I knew, all was good. We were happy with the basics - didn't know there was anything else during our childhood. The basics included playing ball with the neighbor kids all summer, and building snowmen in the winter. Those times make for precious, rich memories. It helped that Jack and I were always very close, always took care of each other, and still do!

My dad owned his own business, the Saybrook Clock Shop. I was so proud he was the best clock smith around, and sold the most beautiful timepieces, too. He worked, well, I have to say it: almost around the clock.

I can't put into words what a special mom we have!! She was always there for us, our biggest supporter no matter what we did, or how poorly we did it. She brilliantly taught us the importance of love and compassion, how to embrace it and bestow it, always. She became a real estate broker and managed offices for well-known real estate companies.

Somehow, they also found time to be parents. They are my inspiration. They taught us values I hold more dear to my heart every day.

Those values pushed us both through college and onward. I graduated from Kent State University, the first step of chasing a dream I had since I was 12, to be a TV journalist. I was fascinated with the idea of knowing what was going on around me, learning how it affected people, and being among those who got to tell the world about it. I also always had a passion for writing and performing. Made for a perfect fit.


Emmy Award Nominee & Associated Press Award Winner

My first TV job was in Erie, Pennsylvania, where I did everything short of mopping the floor! I was a reporter, assignment editor, weather anchor, you name it. I was also elated! Then, I went on to jobs in Elmira, New York, and Rochester, New York. Finally, I was especially excited to land a position in Youngstown, Ohio. That's where I won my two Associated Press Awards! It got me back on home turf, closer to my parents, and one huge step closer to my ultimate career dream of working in Cleveland TV. About ten years later, dream come true! I was hired at the CBS in Cleveland, anchoring and reporting for many years and honored with two Emmy Award nominations.

I never knew I had another dream taking shape in my heart all along though, running my own business, CJB Productions, LLC. It's where I get to put my experience and passion to work in a very different way, with hopes of making a true difference in this world one speech, consulting or coaching session at a time. But I also still enjoy freelance work in TV news, coaching those new to the business, writing blogs and articles, doing podcasts, and even hosting my own fitness program.


Husband, Home & Then Some

I still live in Youngstown. It's where I met my husband, Rick, who's a contractor. It was the last thing I expected to happen in Y-town. It was also the best thing that ever happened to me! Going strong for nearly two decades.

We met while running at the local park. I took him up on his offer to train me for my first marathon. He ended up running it with me, and my brother too. The next finish line was at the altar, where I was also blessed with two wonderful stepdaughters.

Charity work is important to me as well. As a heart and lung survivor myself, raising awareness and money for a number of health issues is a priority. I'm honored to take part in several events for such causes throughout the year.

In our free time, Rick and I are big fans of Cleveland sports and car enthusiasts! There's nothing better, though, than a little rest and relaxation with our precious rescued cats, and cooking at home. By the way, Rick is the one who loves to cook, thank goodness. I'm bigger on loving to eat! Life is good!

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