Videos Testimonials

Darla Moore

Walsh Jesuit H.S., Mother's Club, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

"I thought she did an absolutely beautiful job ... kids and adults can be bullied, so her story resonated with me."

Janet Holkovic

Walsh Jesuit H.S., Mother's Club, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

"You can tell she was speaking from her heart and she really did suffer ... you can see her positive message."

Connie Bowler, RN, DNP

Lakeland College, Kirtland, Ohio

"Catherine's speech was fabulous! She spoke from her heart...and was motivational with our students, really challenged them to be their best in life."

Peter Orr, Professor

Lakeland College, Kirtland, Ohio

"Catherine's speech, as expected was exquisitely delivered...emotional, captivating, captivated the audience to the core."

Mafe Slusher, Nursing Student

Mentor, Ohio

"It was really she talked about her personal journey, made it more relatable..."


A lasting impression...

"Catherine's guidance and insight have been invaluable to me as a growing writer and reporter. She gives me the best coaching on what I do well, along with things I can work on. I credit a lot of my success to her teaching and advice throughout the years."

Summer Wilkinson

Reporter, WTOV

"She is warm, open, welcoming, inclusive and always has time to speak with our guests ..." "Thank you for being a "ray of sunshine" at our events and for your generosity with our organization and our participants."

Sean Shacklett, MPA

Executive Director, Susan G. Komen Northeast Ohio

"Her natural delivery and her incredibly relaxed and likable personality helped to push the cause forward. I would encourage others to consider Catherine for their event ... she is a pleasure to work with!"

Meryl Closs

Former Communications Director, American Heart Association

"Catherine's story was authentic and enlightening. You may think this would never happen to me, but in the digital age we live, we can absolutely become a victim of cyberbullying or humiliation. Catherine shares her knowledge on how to protect ourselves and the steps to take if we find ourselves in a cyberbullying situation. Catherine is engaging and a pleasure to hear speak. I would recommend her for young adults and adults alike."

Darla Moore

Walsh Jesuit H.S., Mother's Club, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

"I thank you for doing an awesome job. You captured the audience's attention as well as my attention from the moment you were introduced until the end of the program. You did such a great job in providing hope to others. I am so very proud of you and I am even more proud to say I know you."

Jeanette Willis

President, Health Awareness Network Connection, Lorain, Ohio

"Her approach to coaching brought me immediate benefits. I received meaningful information and feedback that I could act upon right away. She provided concrete, smart direction that helped me have a better understanding of how to think through a news story. After 12 years of successful on-air, television news reporting I transitioned into public relations. Here, I've learned the skills she taught me are applicable beyond the newsroom. Partnering with Catherine is a great way to learn the communications business from a pro who has done the hard work and knows how to translate her experience into meaningful education."

Shannon McCormick

Media Relations Manager, Media Source