Digital Dangers and Surviving Cyber-Humiliation

A Chance to Focus on You

There's nothing more valuable than one-on-one, or even small group sessions when it comes to getting a more precise grasp on something like cyber-bred harassment and the threat it poses in your life. That's especially true when your coaching comes from an expert, advocate and caring person like Catherine as she also explores how to survive it, or any similar humiliation.

Catherine's Unique Insight

These personal sessions give Catherine a chance to assess your particular situation in-depth, and with her personal experience and unique insight, offer thoughtful guidance and support. Everyone's circumstances, concerns and goals are different, and she knows that well. This time with Catherine focuses on that, and explores solutions to your situation, taking inventory and pointing out risks she recognizes in your Internet/social media habits.

But she goes even further as you can learn how to make wiser decisions in even the smallest details of your daily routine life to stay safer in your cyber-life.

Also, do you know there are steps you can take toward overcoming today's omnipresent brand of bullying, harassment and humiliation? Catherine takes her time explaining the exact process she came up with as she found her inner strength, putting her on the path to victory.

Personalized Awareness

Key issues regarding the importance of online & social media image, cyberbullying or harassment of any type, the role it plays, and guidance on how to overcome. Below is a breakdown of goals for each session.

  • Offer a detailed account of her own life-changing and shocking story
  • Assess client's threat of cyber-bred humiliation in their own world
  • Enlighten client on how to minimize personal risks
  • Enlighten client in how to avoid, unknowingly, victimizing others via online/social media
  • Promote better understanding of steps to take to overcome cyberbullying or similar humiliation
  • Encourage steps to find an inner strength to rise above most hardships

Customized For You

Programs can be customized based on your goals, size of group, length and number of sessions

In-person Sessions

Organized around, or in conjunction with, special events, retreats, conferences, etc.

Plans are customized regarding length and frequency

Online or Phone Session

One-on-one or group sessions

Plans are customized regarding length and frequency