My Take on Tv News...

TV news is changing like never before.
Time to deliver like never before.

You have to be passionate about TV news to succeed in it, that’s what I’ve always believed, and in my three decades in the business, it’s always proven true. Those who are always open to learn new ways, who put in the extra effort daily, and who take pride in even the smallest assignments or projects, are those who rise above.

That’s where I come in for you! One of the many things I’ve learned throughout my career, anchoring and reporting in various market sizes, is that teaching others how to do it right, helping them recognize their individual strengths and potential, has big payoffs for them, and I have to say, is incredibly rewarding for me, too. It fans their passion and builds a confidence that can make a world of difference on many levels.

My Approach...

We all know how competitive broadcast journalism is, so, sometimes, the smallest tweaks in how we do it can be crucial and set you up for surprising results, as well as set you apart from the others.
I believe that comes down to perfecting a skill/style combination, in everything an on-air talent does, from interviewing and storytelling to the on-camera presence and delivery.

Sharper Skills

To stay in the game, you have to be ahead of the game on every level. But, it's the basic skills and know-how that are too often lost. That shows. It can undermine all the work and resources invested by any news organization to put out a top product, and can impede the true potential of an individual. Reinforcing what might be considered the small stuff, from eliminating unnecessary words in a script and adding demonstrative liveshots, to vocal pitch and body language in the anchor seat, is priority in my training sessions. No matter how much TV news formats change, it is still a business where details matter significantly.

Stronger Style

Momentum in the business came for me when I honed my skills by taking to heart what other coaches taught me, while also figuring out how to make the most out of my own style. This is what I focus on next with my clients. We all have a unique style based on our personalities and I take great joy in guiding others to discover and develop theirs. It can take courage, trial and error and time to perfect, but those who stand out most, I believe, are those who make sure their "real selves" shine through.

how i'm different

I have incredibly valuable knowledge of what it's like to be on both sides of the camera, so to speak. While every coach can teach others how to conduct an interview, how to ask the pertinent questions, how to shape a story, I can enlighten clients on what it's really like to be the interviewee or subject of a story, what makes them comfortable and willing to open up versus what will make them give one word answers. I’ve been there, interviewed by the likes of Diane Sawyer and lead reporters on Inside Edition. It’s a very unique perspective and I credit it for much of my success which includes Associated Press Awards, Emmy nominations and landing the kind of jobs in TV I wanted most.


A few kind words from Catherine's former trainees about the program...
"Catherine's guidance and insight have been invaluable to me as a growing writer and reporter. She gives me the best coaching on what I do well, along with things I can work on. I credit a lot of my success to her teaching and advice throughout the years."

Summer Wilkinson

Reporter, WTOV
"I can honestly say she helped me immensely. Just within the short time I worked with her, people who followed me closely, like my news director, said they saw a huge improvement with me. She helped me with my confidence in both my anchoring and reporting. She helped me break some bad habits. You could tell she was so invested in helping me. I was promoted and I honestly owe that to her. I would recommend her to anyone at any level."

Katie Wilson

Anchor/Reporter, WSAZ
"I was incredibly lucky to have Catherine Bosley as a mentor. From the first time I met Catherine, she supported my dream in pursuing a career in broadcasting. Catherine taught me many invaluable lessons that I carry with me every day. She honed in on my interview skills, and helped with my writing, reporting, and on-air presence. She was incredibly compassionate and encouraging. I attribute my career and success in this business to Catherine."

Michelle Spring

Morning Anchor/WTUZ

My News Training Programs

Comprehensive, immediate results driven and customized to meet your goals.

Full / Partial Staff Plan

Interactive and Energetic. A great opportunity to get your team on the same page. It's a time to work together in recognizing your performance or product strengths, how to capitalize on them, and address any weaknesses.

Individual Plan

Personal Strategy. One-on-one or smaller groups get in depth performance analysis on a variety of issues, from writing and interviewing style, to making the most impactful on-air impression.