What Catherine has to say leaves her audiences wanting to hear more! Her unique insight, perspective and her caring way has an impact on everyone who has a chance to listen. It's her passion to caution, guide and lift up her audience.

Determined to make it count...for you!

"That could happen to me, too!" is, indeed, exactly what so many say after taking it all in. And Catherine does share it all.

Catherine's amazing story, in itself, is chock-full of essential messages anyone who spends any time online or social media needs to hear. She offers numerous solutions to prevent what she had to endure, from happening to anyone else. That's her ultimate goal.

"That could happen to me, too!" is, indeed, exactly what so many say after taking it all in. And Catherine does share it all, starting when embarrassing images of her went viral to spin her life out of control, to a triumph in the end no one saw coming.

While no one expects to fall victim to online or social media harassment, the reality is no one is immune. Not Catherine. Not you. Her story drives that home, shedding light on why and how to take inventory of your own vulnerability.

More alarming though, did you know much of the risk is brought on, unknowingly, by ourselves and our own actions, online and off?

Catherine cautions about what could happen to any of us when we put down our guard, and gives you the know-how tools to better protect yourself, those you love and, even your business.

But what about if you do fall victim? Cyber-humiliation can be life-changing, and sadly, for some, life-ending. That is what fuels Catherine's motivation to make difference. Her own grueling fight to survive it on a global level will leave you with lasting inspiration as it showcases the importance of standing up for yourself, but most importantly, offers precious direction on how to do just that.

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Here is some of the invaluable information you can expect from Catherine's Keynotes:
  • A detailed account of Catherine's life-changing and unforgettable story
  • An increased awareness of our vulnerabilities to cyberbullying/harassment
  • Steps to better protect yourself from cyberbullying/harrassment
  • Steps to protect your social media image
  • Increased awareness on how bullying/shaming/harassment can bring down even the strongest among us
  • Catherine's five-step process to overcome cyberbullying or similar humiliation

Digital Dangers and Surviving Cyber-Humiliation

Catherine's Speaking Topics

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Digital Dangers

They're all around us and can be activated with every Internet/social media post we make, as well as posts others make about us. It can turn a life upside down. Catherine shares and uses her own story to raise awareness of how important it is to protect yourself, those you love, even your business, and provides guidance on how to do so.

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Surviving Cyber-Harassment

No one thinks cyberbullying or cyber-shaming will happen to them, but when it does, it can be devastating. After surviving it on a global level, Catherine shares details of her story from the pain and hopelessness, to what, in retrospect, turned out to be the plan she came up with out of desperation to survive. After reflecting on it and refining it, she showcases it as a sure means of helping others successfully find their way out of the torment and rise above as well.

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Finding & Using Your Inner Strength

Anyone who finds themselves a victim of harassment, abuse or wrongdoing of any sort needs to know how to stand up for themselves, but too often they can barely see through the pain to do so. Catherine tells her story from defeat to victory, offering hope and inspiration like no other. But what she has to say can be applied to a wide variety of challenges life throws at us. Her message includes insight on how to engage the inner strength we all possess, but aren't always aware of in the toughest times. More than liberating, as was the case with Catherine, it can be life-saving.

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