Powerful. Uplifting. Thought provoking.

Together, discover the risks. As a team, explore the possibilities. As individuals, rediscover sensitivity.

This is perfect for any type of group as it promotes team spirit, compassion and, most importantly, raises awareness regarding how cyber-bred harassment and humiliation pose a risk to us all. It's an energized, comprehensive and interactive approach, exploring everything from minimizing vulnerability to maximizing "survivability."

Digital Dangers and Surviving Cyber-Humiliation

interactive discussions

Catherine's Story

Catherine kicks off these sessions offering up her own amazing story, which, in itself, promotes discussion chock-full of essential messages anyone who spends any time online or social media needs to hear.

The primary focus is to help group members grow in their understanding of the importance of protecting and maintaining your Internet/social media image. That includes interactive discussion highlighting the risks inherent with every move we make online and on social media, spelling out not only the potential to hurt ourselves, but also those in our circles.

It's a prime opportunity to explore together, how to make the right decisions, not just in the cyber world, but also in your real-life world to protect yourself, those your love, and even your business. Catherine uses her list of "digital dangers" to gear up the conversation.

Also, do you know you can be a "bully," and not even realize it? Catherine exposes how easily that can happen, and advises on how to recognize and avoid it.

But no matter how careful you are, the reality is no one is immune from falling victim, whether it's being made fun of at school, harassed at work, shamed in your social circle, or some other form of Internet/social media humiliation.

The last part of the program addresses the emotional tumult, and offers advice anyone can learn from in how to turn it around, as Catherine reflects on the steps she took, and highly recommends, to rise above.

Group Consulting by Catherine

Designed to put those attending on the same page and raise crucial awareness on many key issues regarding cyberbullying or harassment
Here is the breakdown of her goals with each session:
  • Offer a detailed account of her own life-changing and shocking story
  • Promote better understanding of today's cyber-bred dangers
  • Decrease the risk of falling victim to cyberbullying/harassment
  • Decrease the risk of unknowingly taking part in cyberbullying/harassment
  • Encourage teamwork to protect each other
  • Promote better understanding of overcoming cyberbullying or similar humiliation
  • Offer potential to promote and improve morale among the group
  • Offer potential to fill mandated training quotas
  • Programs can be customized based on your goals, size of group, length of session(s)