You think it would never happen to you.

Until it does. You can't imagine the torment. Until it's your own.

Do you ever have that urge to share something with the world—something you see, hear, think, or even feel? Of course you do. Anyone who uses social media does. A great way to connect, right?

But beware: It can turn your life upside down, too—in a minute. All it takes is a Tweet or share gone wrong, an impulsive post, an unfortunate picture, a misinterpreted email or text—just one poor choice—to set scandal into motion.

I know. I've been there.

My online scandal started with one simple, dumb, What was I thinking? moment that exploded into online ridicule, national notoriety. I was invited onto shows like Inside Edition, Oprah, and Good Morning America. Professional disgrace.

At first, bewildered and humiliated, I felt like I wanted to die. Then, I got mad. Ultimately, as a TV news veteran, I decided to take action—by sharing what I learned to help others avoid social media nightmares.

Today, there's little room for a What was I thinking? moment. It doesn't even have to be online. (Mine didn't even start out that way.) Everything you do in public has potential to attach to you forever—and for all to see. The online world turns ordinary peoples' lives into chaos every day. No one is immune.

But there are ways to protect yourself. In this book I tell you how. The best news—even if you do get caught up in a social media scandal it is survivable. I offer actionable steps on how to rise above it all—my effective PACT strategy.

Catherine Bosley is an award-winning TV journalist and a prolific public speaker from Northeast Ohio. An expert in rising above online humiliation and protecting your online image, she has appeared frequently on podcasts and in traditional media, including Good Morning America, Inside Edition, Reader's Digest, Ms. Magazine. Through her company, CJB Productions, LLC, she also provides on-camera coaching and video production consulting.
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